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Let's Adorn our Crowns! Find step by step tutorials and tips on head wrapping,

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Eclectic JoJo Blog

Kick back and enjoy an Eclectic Israelite women in pursuit of Minimalism, healthy living, Spiritual Growth, Modest Fashion, Fitness, and Natural Hair!

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Managing you life does not have to be stressful. Let's get organized together!




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Shalom Beautiful!

Mommy|Wife| Life Blogger| ​Entrepreneur

Hi I'm JoJo!

 I am so thrilled to have you here and to have the opportunity to share my  adventures and tips with you. Here you will find lots of inspiring, informative & useful posts on Minimalist lifestyle, Healthy living, Spiritual Growth, Modest Fashion, and many more!. Join me on this amazing journey where we can learn together!

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Eclectic JoJo

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