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Shalom Beautiful!!

JoJo is a Texas Mommy, Wife, and Life Blogger. Blogging came into her life as an outlet to create, motivate, and inspire. Many years later, Her growing faith would inspire her to devote more time on spreading the message of self-love and self-care. Her passion for helping others,  sharing life lessons, and building her community through awareness is the driving force of  Eclectic JoJo.

"I don't believe changes in your path are mere coincidence, but, more of a divined intervention. Sometime we set ourselves to do something, but God has a completely different Agenda for us. Sometime the detours makes absolutely no sense to us but it is perfect in his will. I am a strong believer that with faith you can achieve and conquer anything. I hope through this outlet and God's blessings, we can learn from each other, grow in the spirit, and overcome obstacles by being who we were called to be."                                             

                                                        xoxo JoJo


Meet our boys Joshua & Adam. It is a blessing two have these two in our world. I am grateful each day for the opportunity to be their mom.


I met my hubby as a freshman in High School, and here we are 20+ years later! Marriage is a full time job and we are learning to navigate this path together.

#Fur Baby

Meet Nilo!
Nilo is our very affectionate Black Lab who believes he is a lap dog. He is a very energetic pup who loves walking the park, lounging around, and cuddling.

Blogging is an outlet to create, motivate and inspire. Blogging  empowers me to share what I am passionate about.

My goal is to be transparent and share my world through my lens.  The Ultimate result is to learn together, grow together, become better, and be Fabulous!

My Goals

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