5 Easy Steps To instantly Simplify Your Space

I can’t claim that my home is completely minimalist. However, we are pretty close to it. Living a minimalist life does not happen overnight. It is a process that takes dedication, time and being mentally ready to let go. At first, it can be a bit overwhelming and physically exhausting, but there are a few simple steps you can take to start you on a path to a simplified life.

So, let's jump into some easy steps to get you started and instantly simplify your space!

1. Get rid of storage bins

Wait What?! Yes, that is correct. If you are storing things in bins, more than likely it means you have way too much stuff. Some people believe that storing items in bins is a great way to organize things, but honestly bin storage is just an over flow of items that you are not using. So, Before you tackle simplifying your entire house, go through any stored bins and once you are done, donate those bins! This will also help clear up space for items your are actually using.

2.Streamline your furniture

Look around the house for furniture items that you are not actively using. For example, a table that is just holding up pictures or an old chair that does not have a useful purpose or, in our case a dining room table.

When we started minimizing our space, we noticed that our dining area was not being used. In fact, it started becoming a "drop zone" for everything and anything. We decided to donate our dining table and converted that space into a functional multi use area. We added a desk instead and now this area can be use as the homework station, bible study area, and a place to sew and craft.

3. Take down picture frames and excessive wall decor

I know this is taboo for most. However wall clutter can make your space look dark, dated, dreary, and cluttered. Choose a select few picture that you would like to display and add those to frames that are sleek. The remaining pictures can be stored in an album for keepsake. Those extra frames can be donated or tossed out depending on their condition.

4. Simplify window treatments

OK,so this is one that I learned along the way. I was once guilty of using several different shades of panels on my window, and having extra ones to change the style of the room. This not only left the room feeling really dark, but it was a lot of maintenance when it came to washing and storing. Now ladies let's be honest, how often do we really change our window curtains?. I know I hardly got around to switching up my panels. So, I was left trying to store them all into bins(see why bins have to go lol). Once we started to practice a minimalist lifestyle, I quickly realized that the color scheme for my panels no longer worked for our space. So, I donated all of my window panels and kept the nude and white panels. Now our space is filled with light and our curtains are more streamlined.

5.Toss out old magazines

This is probably on every minimalist tip list. Girl, toss out those old magazines! Once you have read them and flipped through them, toss them out or donate them to your local library (Remove any personal info first). I know it was once viewed as acceptable to use magazine as decor pieces, but honestly they are just an eye sore and dust keepers Replace your magazine coffee table decor with a natural plant instead. Trust me, you will thank me later.

I hope these tips help you simplify your live and live with what really matters!


What items are you holding on to that is cluttering your home?

Comment below, Let's talk about it.

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