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Developing Better Habits For An Effective Life

We can all admit that we are creatures of habit, and developing new ones can be somewhat of  an obstacle to overcome. I  am guilty of this myself. Unfortunately, not all of our habits are healthy, or good. Some of our habits can become hindrance to our success and even our health. Imagine constantly putting off losing weight, just to turn around and gain more weight. Or, setting a deadline to complete a very important project only to procrastinate and miss that deadline?

Our inability to cultivate better habits and releasing the old bad habits can and will affect all aspects of our lives. So, because I am a product of my own bad habits. I decided to address them and share some of my steps to overcome these detrimental habits and cultivate Good habits.

1. PLAN! PLAN! PLAN!- One of the main reason I tend to stick to my old habits is not setting up a realistic plan to tackle them. Start off by writing down the habits you would like to break and a plan to cultivate better habits in it's place. This will require you to be honest with yourself and set steps to address your shortcomings. 

2. Keep Your Plans In Sight!- Okay, Let's be honest, we all  love journals and Planners!  However, do we really remember to write in them? If you do, that is great! However, I  tend to forget that lovely book in my bag all the time. So, my hubby had this awesome idea to nail this hideous whiteboard on our bedroom wall. At first, I was more concern about the aesthetic and this thing just interrupting my decor. However, once It was up there, I started jotting down my deadlines, ideas, and  I realized it actually forced me to look at it; It was a hit! Keeping your goals in plain site forces you to acknowledge them and see them through.

3. Don't Over Plan- We all like to believe we are super women and can tackle many task at once. It may work for some but for the majority of us, it  can lead to feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and boat load of  incomplete task, This eventually leafs to more set backs. Narrow down your goals and plans  to the most important three. Work on those first. Once completed, set up three more goals to tackle. 

4 Discover your  obstacles. In order to develop good habits, we must be aware of what our bad habits are. Identify what stops you from sticking to your plans. Whether it's bad time management, fear,or procrastination.  We need to identify these issues in order to  see them coming, Once we are aware of what takes us of track, we can set steps to avoid falling into those traps.

5. Commitment and Accountability- Stick to the changes for at least 21 days. 

Research suggests  that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Don't become discourage if you missed a deadline or  did not complete a task. Just jump back into focus to get it done. Also, find someone to hold you accountable. Whether it's a friend or a hubby. Sadly, we tend to do better when we know eyes are on us. 

I hope these little tips will help you to become a better version of you!

Please comment below, What bad habit you would like to overcome?

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