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Welcome to Our Garden!

My husband and I shared a common love for having plants all over our home and enjoying the peace that it brings. Recently, we decided to turn our love for plants, and focus more on growing plants that can also provide healthier food options for our family.

We are fairly new to growing on our own. However, we both grew up in a home where our parents grew many native fruits and vegetables in their backyards. I remember being able to pull fruits from our tree, and enjoy it under a shaded tree. My mother constantly made homemade smoothies from our Mango tree and Papaya tree. My husband also shared his memories of his dad always gravitating towards the fruits that was offered in his yard. We both knew we wanted to create this experience for our boys. With the growing inflation of food prices and Pesticide overload on fruits and vegetables, this option was a win for us.

We pray we can share a little of what we've learned with you all, and that we can all grow together. Join us on our Journey to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

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