Why I Switched To Reusable Menstrual Pads, And You Should Too!

Out of curiosity, I randomly decided to do a research on what menstrual pads were made of. I was shocked to find that sanitary napkins contains harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your health. I discovered that Sanitary napkins are made of bleached rayon, cotton , and assortment of chemicals, and plastics. To keep you smelling "fresh", most pads have added fragrances, along with chemicals used to absorb the menstrual flow. The cotton used in sanitary napkins are also not organic, so the cotton used contains a heavy amount of  pesticide residues. In an article from ,Women's Voice for the Earth (WVE’s), “Chem Fatale: Potential Health Effects of Toxic Chemicals in Feminine Care Products,” revealed that these  chemicals are linked to some serious serious health problems, such as increased risk of breast cancer,cancer in general, reproductive problems, hormone disruption, and allergic reactions. WVE also revealed other harmful chemicals found in pads such as  dioxins, furans, artificial fragrance, and adhesive chemicals such as methyldibromo glutaronitrile. 

What's also disturbing are the lack of regulation on these sanitary products.

For example:

  • Pads and tampons are regulated as medical devices, which means that companies don’t have to disclose any ingredients in these products.

  • Laws don’t require companies to disclosed fragrance ingredients. Unfortunately, a “fragrance” is a mixture of ingredients that can include any of more than 3,000 different chemicals, including carcinogens, irritants, allergens, and potential endocrine disruptions.

Because of weak regulation, companies don’t have to prove the chemicals they’re using in these products are safe. So companies are legally allowed to use ingredients linked to cancer, birth defects, and other chronic diseases.

Needless to say, the decision to switch over was a no brainer for me. So here are my top reason why I use reusable pads and why you should too!

1. It is Healthier!

 After reading all of that disgusting fact isn't it obvious why switching to reusable pads are better? With the high rise of Cancer among women, reducing all of these harmful chemicals from our body is just the right thing to do.  

2. Less  smell than disposables.

Almost all "sanitary" pad company advertise their pads as keeping you fresh. Yet, we can all agree that the information advertised is false. Commercial Pads are lined with plastic which stops the natural flow of air . On the Contrary, reusable pads are breathable and absorbs moisture away from your body.  Consequently, you don’t get  hot, sweaty, or damp,  Majority of reusable pad users including myself,  say they find there’s a lot less blood and blood smell from reusable pads. 

3. Reusable pads are dryer.

The Organic cotton used for absorbency keeps you feeling drier. They seem to be much better at drawing away fluid from your body and the all natural product allows your vagina to breathe thus reducing moisture.

 4.Reduce menstrual cramps, infections and skin rashes.

Disposable pads  use plastics, which block airflow to your vagina, and not surprisingly, can encourage a painful rash. Disposables also use synthetic fibers like rayon, which are super-absorbent, but will also absorb all the moisture in your vagina, increasing your chances of severe pain and infections.

4. Reusable Pads are Cost Effective

If the health reasons doesn't scare you you, maybe the numbers will be more convincing. You can do the math:

Average cost of 7 years worth of cloth pads: $60-240 dollars

Cost of 7 years of disposables at an average of $10-15 per month: $840-1260

Savings of $720 average for 7 years, or about $100 per year.

Cost of 30 years worth of cloth pads: $240-1,000

Cost of 30 years of disposables: $3,600-5,400

5. They are Discreetly gorgeous! 

Reusable pads comes in a variety of colors, prints, sizes, and design. You can make your selections based on your personality and preference. You also have the option to purchase  cute storage bags to keep all of your pads neat and accessible.  

6. Support a Sistah! {Insert shameless plug here} :) 

Yes! Not only do you get to give your womb some healthy TLC, you can support my mission to encourage more women to go natural with their overall  health. Support My Sacred Space Collection by following, sharing, and ordering your new set of reusable pads as well as other all natural womb care products!


This information is provided for educational purposes only and is

not a substitute for medical advice. It is important to make your

own informed decisions about anything involving your health.

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