Package contains:

2oz of herbs (4steams)


A Natural way to cleanse, heal and revitalize your uterus/ womb
Vaginal steaming also known as yoni steam or v-steam, is an ancient treatment done in many different cultures around the world that provides a steam facial for the vagina to release toxins, promotes fertility, soothes menstrual cramps resulting in a more pleasant menstruation. 


The Deets:

Our  Menopause Cleanse is a blend of Basil (Uterine stimulant), Raspberry leaf (strengthens and tones the uterine and pelvic muscles, and is a pelvic and uterine relaxant), Marshmallow (vaginal dryness), Sage (Astringent. Spiritually cleansing), Chamomile (Soothing to the vaginal tissues).


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Menopausal Cleanse

    • Do not use if you are on your period, have a vaginal infection, have any open wounds, sores or blisters.
    • Do not use if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant
    • Do not use if you have an IUD.
    • If you have genital piercings take them out prior to your steam.